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Welcome Seekers of Truth!

Welcome to TruthCreators
Welcome to TruthCreators

For the Seekers, Creators & Harbingers of Truth

TruthCreators is a brand new social network for the New Humans to come together in peace and love to deliver Truth. 

Magic is the atmosphere we wish to create within this platform and through it's monthly online gatherings. Share and test your ideas with successful leaders, and get support to help take your message and initiatives forward.

Coordinated by spiritually awakened Truth Ambassadors, this is the place for you to showcase your brilliance in various ways.

Getting Started

  • Fill in your profile and start posting updates or useful information you would like to share.
  • Start a Public or Private Group.
  • Explore some of the existing Topics presented at the last Golden Door 2020.
  • Network with other Truthseekers.

Join the Monthly Gatherings. Free for all to attend. 

This will be on the 1st Monday of every month. Stay tuned!


Ernold liked 3 months ago
Entitled "Determining What is Truth" - join us in this fascinating discussion between the Golden Door Founder, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan and the Guest of Honour, Jim Cathcart, along with the Judges, Special Guests and the Top 20 Participants.
Tahira updated a month ago
"No errors in life, just lesser truths, and it is for us to journey from these lesser truths". As we arise above to reach a higher truth, even if it is an ephemeral moment of wisdom with joyful awareness, we... (More)
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