The #NEWHUMAN group coaching sessions are usually deep with information on personal, spiritual and leadership development, with scientific knowledge.

Topics such as :
Knowing Who You Are
Three Dimensions of Time
Triple Helix New Human (New Adam)
Remote Viewing & Prophesy
Becoming a Prophetic Artist
Visions & Dreams
Metaframeworks of the Adaptive New Human
Spiritual Vision-boarding
Your Hero's (Heroine's) Journey
15 Types of Relationships we must have
Becoming Antifragile
... and more

However, every few weeks, we will have something light-hearted and equally inspiring. The purpose is to create bonds of love as relationships are still the most important thing. The strength and support of the tribe you are part of, can directly determine your success on Earth.

A statement made by every member of the NEW HUMAN as we each took turns to give and receive authentic statements of love and encouragement:

"What do I love most about you"

When it my turn to express the statement, I give with all my heart.

When my turn comes to recieve, I feel nourished, refreshed and reminded to be aligned to my Core Purpose.

Thank you to those who shared those wonderful words. I hope that you are encouraged by my words too.

Let's strengthen and uplift each other as we go through these challenging times.

Lots of love to all of you.

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