The Founder, Dounne Alexandra's Message :

"I believe my life's purpose and mission is to provide people with the 'tools' to heal themselves through nature. It is not about religion or science, but the ancient wisdom that with the 'right tools' the body can repair itself... NATURALLY.

My life's journey and first-hand experiences thus far, have equipped me with some of these 'essential tools' and I have been CALLED to pass them on for the benefit of humanity, animals and the environment.I am therefore delighted to welcome you to GRAMMA'S and hope my products, plus the wealth of health enhancing information in this website provides 'food for thought' and inspires you to take better care of yourself, family and pets.

However, as the UK/EU have banned many 'safe & effective natural herbs' (which have been used successfully for centuries); plus prohibits health claims... therefore, those who wish to purchase GRAMMA'S extraordinary products will need to 'complete & return' our special Declaration Form - called the 'DECLARATION OF TRUTH''; and create a 'free' account, which will enable you to exercise your 'Inalienable Sovereign Rights (or Right of Autonomy / Free Will Choice) to decide - what you wish to 'eat, drink or medicate' and take personal responsibility for your own life."

The journey to Life, Longevity & Health recovery starts with ... YOU!