"No errors in life, just lesser truths, and it is for us to journey from these lesser truths".

As we arise above to reach a higher truth, even if it is an ephemeral moment of wisdom with joyful awareness, we return with contentment and gratitude in our hearts.

Moving forward in unity and trust, and hearts intertwined with empathy, and with a commitment for #truth and #integrity, 15 of us gathered to form an ecosystem for the Golden Door - Truth & Integrity .

Masterfully facilitated by Andrew Chua of Authentic Business and graced by the warmth and love of Bishop Riah Abu El Assal, as the Founder, I was honoured to share a few words as we take GOLDEN DOOR forward in 2021 and beyond.

Therefore, with loving bonds in formation, through this ecosystem in germination, we concluded Part 1.

Part 2 is when the Core Team comes together and the essence of GOLDEN DOOR solidifies in form, and the real tactical and strategy creation and building for the growth of the new population of #TruthWriters and #TruthCreators begin.

Thank you Jeremy Monteiro , Melanie Falvey , Jeroninio Almeida , Tallulah Dsilva , Roshani Shenazz , Henry Toi Yong Poh , Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee , Vikki Thomas , Prajna Murdaya, Binu Balan , Neetta Dhanak and Judge Joanne Flinn for your presence.

Chief Judge Dr Kirpal Singh , Judge Rob Salisbury, Golden Door Ambassadors Rusty Labuschagne, Tony Knight and Golden Truths Editor Nasreen Variyawa may be absent, but are an integral part of the GOLDEN DOOR.

Special thanks too, to Deepak Natverlal , Dinanath Shaw, Rahul Mehta, Prof Ayran von Dreger and James.

#InternationalWritersAwards #ThroughTheGoldenDoor