My daily morning routine and "Checkin" for today. It keeps me physically strong and as an "Observer" as my life unfolds. It is so easy to get carried away by the 3rd dimensional constructs and lower vibrational "reactive" modes:

1 hour briskwalk and run
Prayer & Meditation by the lake
Sunbathing and some time with the turtles.

Hot water with apple cider vineger, lime and honey
Eggs & toast with some fruit.

>>> What am I feeling ?

Blessed to be surrounded by Nature.
Encouraged as I hear what other love about me.
Clear of my Core Purpose and what I represent and what I need to do.

>>> What do I sense?

Despite the Pandemic and the Covid Restrictions placed on us, I sense a new and better lifestyle awaits as prosperity reveals itself (very soon).

>>> What do I see ?

I see another GOLDEN DOOR ready to be opened.

>>> What do think?

No more baggage from the past. I have created the foundation for the "painting" of my life. Now to turn it into a Masterpiece.

As I move forward to the next level of Being, I pace myself steadily.

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